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We guarantee a reliable and professional service for the handling of industrial equipment. We have robust, specialized and efficient equipment to carry out important operations such as; 

  • Lifting capacity from 10,000 to 300,000 pounds

  • Hydraulic jack with a load capacity of up to 250 tons;

  • Hydraulic and telescopic cylinders with a capacity of 250 tons;

  • Forklifts (lifts) of:

    • 5000 lbs; 9000 lbs; 15000 lbs; 18000 lbs; 30000 lbs and 50000 lbs running on propane, diesel or battery;

  • JCB telescopic lifts of 9000 lbs and more

  • Air cushions that can move; equipment of nearly 50 tons;

  • Specialized trailers (step deck, drop deck, curtain trailer and dry box).


We own all our equipment, accessories and trailers in several copies with all the necessary insurance.

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