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Our history

In the 1930s, when handling equipment hadn't yet been invented, the great-great-grandfather, Elphège Patenaude, was often called upon to move or transport heavy objects.   He was the first handler in Granby and succeeded in making his talent known as a mover, with the help of his son, René.


The family business began to become more professional in the 1940s. The horses were replaced by trucks. It was in the 1950s that the grandsons of Elphège Patenaude, Normand and Serge, joined the company. "Patenaude Transport" later became "Patenaude et Frères Inc"


In the 1960s, Normand and Serge took over, and the company was equipped with cranes, forklifts and other professional equipment.   It grew into a company specializing in the moving of industrial equipment and agricultural and commercial machinery. 


It is from the 2010s that a new chapter takes shape and the 4th generation of Patenaude takes over.   Today Normand's son, François, occupies a leading role in the company with partners and high quality employees who are part of a "professional family".

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